Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Uncut Pearberry Soap

I've been busy. Right now I have about 12 batches of soap sitting on the racks curing.  I'm slowly working my way through photographing them all.

I like the colors in this one. There's a little split in the top. What's that from I wonder? Overheating?  I'm trying to remember if I insulated. I don't think I did. It didn't matter once I sliced the soap though. You can't even see it.

Kiwi Strawberry
Mmm, I really just want to take a bite out of this one. I go and pull it off the rack just to stand there and sniff it.  BTW, those are poppy seeds in the top.

Lime Margarita
This is still cold process soap, I just added some clear glycerin "ice cubes" to the top of it and "salted the rim" with Dead Sea Salts. Amazingly, it really does smell just like the drink!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

YAY!! I'm featured in a Treasury

I woke up this morning and logged on to Etsy hoping to see some overnight sales (no such luck) but I found something almost as good. I had a nice little message in my convo box regarding my "ENERGY" soap:

Beautiful soap! It's in a treasury. You can view it at:
I recognize ALL of these soaps and their makers. I've spent time browsing their shops and visiting their blogs and it is really cool that someone thought that my soap was good enough to be included with a group of such talented soapmakers. Thank you ciennamoss!!


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