Friday, December 28, 2012

Black Raspberry Vanilla Handmade Soap

I've carried this scent in the shop many times before.  Sometimes with it's name and other times under a different name.  I've had many request for it even when it was already in stock.  So, I think to cut the confusion, I'm going to go ahead and just use the name.

 Black Raspberry Vanilla is the perfect combination of sweet and tart.  
It's an enticing mix of sweetened berries on a warm, creamy base of vanilla and musk.

I considered (very briefly)  doing embeds similar to the one's in the Breakfast at Tiffany's batch of soap but, decided to stick to my comfort zone here. Swirls are what I do best and if it ain't broke...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's Cold Proces Soap

 So I've had this fragrance oil sitting on the shelf for a while and finally decided to soap it.  The scent is really not what I expected but that's actually a good thing!

 The fragrance is a blend of maple, sweet spices, coconut and vanilla accents on a crisp ozonic base of linen.
  I was pleasantly surprised at how well all those scents came together.  It's definitely a bakery type scent but the fresh linen notes keeps is from being too "foody" if you know what I mean.


 I knew that this soap was going to discolor a bit from the fragrance oil, so I helped it along with some cocoa powder to make sure there was a nice contrast between the brown and blue colors.  

Embeds are not my favorite AT ALL! lol.  I'm not a huge fan of making soap with so many steps but this scent, to me, really called for a fancy, smancy design.  So, I decided to add some blue and gold cubes and curls along with sprinkles of gold mica to dress it up a bit.

Friday, December 21, 2012

On the Curing Rack...Carrots ~N~ Milk, OMH! & Honeybee Harvest

 Carrots ~N~ Milk
I made this batch using carrot puree and coconut milk along with lots of Olive Oil.  It's unscented, uncolored and very mild.  Great for sensitive skin.

Honeybee Harvest
 This is one that I've done many, many times in the past.  It has a very yummy scent that has really grown on me over time.  Bergamot and sweet orange balanced with golden honey nectar, crunchy toffee bits and light musk.  I used goat milk this time as the liquid. 

OMH! is an original Oatmeal, Milk & Honey blend that I do.  I've changed the look...again, but I promise that the scent is still the same.  It's such a warm and comforting scent.  Always a favorite.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's been sooo long...

It's been way too long since my last post, but I really want to get back into blogging.  I really use to enjoy it.  So, I guess I'll start with sharing just a few soaps that I've made over the last two months.

I've used this fragrance in many products over the years but for some reason, never tried it in CP soap.  Crazy, I know.  It's really a wonderful scent but I was afraid 1. Of the browning from the vanilla content.  (I've since learned to embrace that) 2. I really didn't think that it would hold up through the saponification process.  Well, it did and it smells amazing!

This fragrance was such a delightful surprise for my nose.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the description, but I love it and really wish that I had purchased  a larger bottle.  It smells just like a sleigh ride through the forest on a crisp winter day.  You get the fresh air, mountain spring and pine trees with a hint of sweetness.  Perfect fresh (but not in your face) kind of scent.  Definitely a new favorite for me.

I just had to make matching Bath Bombs with the leftover fragrance oil.

For this one, I simply mixed Peppermint and a Strawberry FO together to get a candy cane type scent.  You can most definitely smell the mint, but there's a really nice creamy berry scent with it.  Mmm, smells like Christmas.


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