Thursday, November 14, 2013

A few more soaps...

Just one last post before my Winter Holiday Release!
I thought I'd share a few more soaps.  These were done using my Soap Hutch mold.  They're taller than my regular soaps but slimmer.  Also, they're not quite as heavy.   The bars weigh between 4.5 - 4.7 oz.  Still a nice size and they fit very nicely in your hand.
A beautifully fresh scent with Sweet Jasmine, White lilies and Violets with middle notes of Lavender and Rose combined with a delicate touch of sun ripened pineapple with bottom notes of Apple and Melon
I did an ITP swirl for this one, which is always a little tricky, because the FO moves pretty quickly.   My goal, of course, was to try to mimic the natural color veins in stones and rocks. 
London Lemon Curd whipped with pure sugar cane on a delectable shortbread crust
I couldn't do my winter line-up without bringing Sweet Talker back.  It's such a yummy lemon scent that is totally wearable.  Always a favorite. 
Bright citrus fruits mingled with Bergamot, leafy greenery with soft Musk and every so lightly sweetened with a touch of Vanilla

The only thing I don't like about having to use my regular mold for doing these tall bars, is that I can't get my skewer down in there to do the swirls!   If you want your designs to show up on the face of your soap, then it matters very much which direction you actually do them.   Once again, I had to utilize the spoon swirl technique and I like it very much :0)


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

On the Curing Rack Pink Sugar & Blue Sugar Handmade Soaps

I just love these two fragrances!  Not only they do they smell good OOB, they totally rock in Cold Process Soap.

 A fruity blend of Cotton Candy, Lemon Drops, Caramel and Raspberry Jam on a dry down of musk

The base totally thickened up on me and I was unable to get the swirls that I wanted, but me thinks it's still pretty.

 Pure Vanilla with a juicy citrus center on sensual base a Sugared Musk and exotic woods

This is suppose to be the masculine version on Pink Sugar but it is very much unisex.  It doesn't discolor as dark a Pink Sugar but will go a little tan on, so definitely keep that in mind when planning your colors.

Friday, November 8, 2013

On the Curing Rack: SLEIGH RIDE Cold Process Soap

I've tried several "Christmas-y" scents from several suppliers and Bramble Berry's Sleigh Ride is hands down my favorite of all.  I started making Sleigh Ride back in 2009 and have used it almost every year since.  I just love this fragrance.  It just screams "Christmas Time Everyone"!

 Top notes of Orange Zest with a center of tart Granny Smith Apples on a warm and spicy base of Clove and fresh Mint

The red portion was done using Nurture Soap Supplies Rainbow Red Mica.  Nice, but still not the true, true red that I'm looking for.  Still, it's nice and stable.  The green was a blend of iron oxide and green mica. 

I used a large spoon to do the swirl and kept the tops pretty simple with just a dusting of gold mica.  Very festive.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pulling out the Slab Mold

Since it's coming to the end of the year, I wanted to use up some of my fragrance oils that were on the shelf.  I didn't want to do full log loaves but still needed something cute and eye-catching.  So, I pulled out my Bramble Berry birch mold.  I love this mold and would probably use it more often, but the bars are a bit on the small side, so I mostly use if for specialty soaps, such as my facial soap.

This is a Best-seller from my summer line-up but I just had to bring it back one more time this year.

Creamy Orange and Strawberry supported with succulent notes of tropical fruits and Vanilla Bean

The fragrance oil for this soap has been sitting on my shelf for a few months.  If was a freebie that I chose with an order from WSP. 

Frosted Blackberries with a juicy center of Cassis on a warm and sensual base of Amber
This soap just might be making a reappearance this spring in a larger batch!

Monday, November 4, 2013

On the Curing Rack: DUSK TO DAWN

This was another of the soaps that my mom helped me work out.  She suggested the colors and I went from there.  This was a faux funnel pour which is not a technique I normally use.  I like to have a bit more control over the final look.  In, this case however, I glad I just let the soap do what it was gonna do.

A truly clean unisex fragrance with top notes of Orange Blossom and light florals with a warm center of spices and hints of Spearmint on an earthy base of musk.

I really like how they turned outThe scent combination doesn't really sound like something I'd normally go for, but oh am I soooo glad I did.  I'll have to grab one of these for my private stash ;0)


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