Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Note to Self: Do NOT Add Lye to Hot Liquids...

I did something pretty careless the other day. I decided that I wanted to make  Black Tea scented soap using actual Earl Grey Black Tea for the liquid portion of the recipe.  That wasn't the careless part. First I boiled the water and steeped the tea bag until it turned nice and dark.  That's still not the careless part.  I decided that there really was no need to wait for the tea to cool before adding the lye since it's going to heat back up anyway, right? WRONG!! I measured out the correct amount of lye and began to slowly pour it into the tea. Big, Big, BIG mistake. The water started to literally boil in the pitcher and then began to rise up like it was going to boil over!
After shrieking for assistance, my hubby came to the rescue and helped me  quickly dumped all of the ice from the freezer bin into the sink.  We filled  that with water and placed the boiling pitcher in to cool down.  Afterwards I was able to safely add the remaining lye.  To be honest, I'm being very generous with myself by calling my actions careless. It was actually quite stupid.  I should have known better.  I'm so impatient and just wasn't thinking. What can I can I say? I won't make that mistake again though. Fortunately the soap turned out fine. At first it was this really nasty shade of brown. I added a black swirl anyway and by the next morning it had lightened to almost white and now has a pretty cool contrast.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Margarita Treasury on Etsy

This morning I had a message in my inbox to check out this Treasury on Etsy.
Isn't it cool?!  Of course I'm also very proud to have my Lime Margarita soap featured. This is the second Treasury to feature this particular soap.  It was suppose to be a summer soap and now it's completely sold out (YAY!!).  I had no idea that it would do so well.  Now I'm going to have to make some more. 
It's not even summer yet!, lol.

This soap was also featured on this blog: "I Love Etsy".  The author, Nicole, has dedicated her blog to featuring Etsy sellers. If you would like to have your shop featured or would like to nominate a fellow Etsian to be featured, you can submit the shop URL to be reviewed.


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