Saturday, October 17, 2009

I won a giveaway!

This is really cool.  I just found out this morning that I won a free giveaway from Vermilion Star Press.

The funny part is that I didn't intentionally enter the contest.  A few days ago I watched the movie "7 Pound" starring Will Smith.  His love interest in the movie had two antique printing press machines.  They were just very cool.  So then a few dayslater I came across this blog and right away it reminded me of the movie. It looked interesting, so I decided to follow.  Apparently, I entered myself into a contest and won!  What luck :o)

1 comment:

  1. how very cool for you to win when you didn't even realize you entered. i enter a few giveaways and have won 1 also. i was so excited as it was a baby carrier for my soon to be first grandbaby! giveaways are so fun. have a great night!



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