Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vacation Over...Back to Work

I've had my little vacation thanks to the Twilight Saga (huge sigh) now back to work.  I've started making soap again.  My holiday sales were pretty good. Much better than expected, so now it's time to restock the shelves and start getting ready for Valentines Day.  I know it's a bit early but it takes nearly 6 weeks for soap to cure, so I need to get started now.
I'm waiting for a shipment of fragrance oils, so I started with what I already have here. 
Since I keep a journal of all everybatch of soap that I make, I like to sketch my soaps and plan out the entire process from start to finish before I start a batch. That's why it frustrates me so much when a batch doesn't turn out exactly the way I envisioned it in my head.
This batch, scented with Patchouli essential oil, turned out to be a pretty close match. Yay!

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