Monday, January 18, 2010

So begins my quest for color...

Okay. I'm guilty and I'll be the first to admit that I overthink pretty much everything. I'll make a decision then second and third guess myself. As a result, I often find myself on neutral territory; playing it "safe". After constant urging and (ahem) a very well placed low blow (lol) by my fellow soap maker (and very talented soapmaker might I add) over at the Soap Seduction, I've begun my search for color and creativity. I'm hoping that it will inspire me to step further out of my tight little box and try some new and exciting things with my craft.

So this is my first step out of that box. I'm going to do something that I swore I'd never do and feature a fellow Soap maker. Here's to personal growth!

Who better to start with than the Soap Seduction ;0)  I really like this girl.  Patrice has carved out a nice niche for herself with some bold & and sassy soap names and desriptions.  She creates bath and body products that look down right edible! The creative things that she does with Cold Process soap is actually quite amazing.

Lard-y for the Party

Snicker Doodle Sugar Bubbles

Caramel Apple

My personal favorite. Yummy!


  1. I'm blushing! I'm blushing! Did I say I'm blushing? LOL...Thanks for the shout out sis:)

    Can't wait to see you create in color!

  2. Very nice soapies!! You all are so creative! Looking forward to following your blogs :-)



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