Monday, April 5, 2010

Goats Milk Soap

 I was  in the store looking for Coconut Milk the other day. After checking all the isles (twice) I still couldn't find any. What I found though was a can of Goats Milk.  I know I kind of live in the country now, but sorry I don't have any goats running around so the canned milk will have to do for now.

Milk tends to heat up and even scorch & curdle when it meets with lye. I found that if  I put it in the freezer and allowd it to turn slushy before adding this can be prevented. I mixed about 1/3 of the liquid portion of my recipe using water. After that cooled (I like to mix at cooler temperatures) I mixed the lye/water with the oils to a medium trace THEN I added the milk. It gets hot and starts to set up pretty quickly so you have to move fast.

This is Toasted Almond & Honey scented. As you can see, it rose up and split like a loaf of bread. I don't know if it helped but I put a fan on it to help cool it down. Eventually the top flattend back out and the split closed back most of the way.  I filled the split with more ground almonds. On the sliced soap you really can't tell.


  1. Lookin' good girl:)

    I have to give the goat's milk a try...

  2. Goats milk is excellent for the skin.

  3. That's what I hear Joanne. I can't wait to try it.

    Thanks Patrice. I'm sure you'll come up with something unique & creative along with an equally unique & creative blog post for us to read!

  4. It´s really beautifull. I love the soaps of milk of goat.



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