Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tiggy's "Pirates" Handmade Cold Process Soap

Through the wonderful world of blogging, I was fortunate enough to come across an extremely talented soapmaker named Tiggy who is the owner and creator of Future Primitive Soaps.  I'm sure that many of you are already familiar with Tiggy and her beautiful rustic creations inspired by the English countryside.  I am so in love with her original essential oil/fragrance oil blends. 

One of the very first soaps that I received from Tiggy was an aquatic/ozonic type bar called "Pirates". 

I chose this soap because I was so intrigued by story behind it's creation, the scent description and how perfectly her design captured the essence of the ship that inspired it.

Unfortunately, Tiggy discontinued this soap.  BUT, she was kind enough to pass along the fragrance blend to me to recreate the soap.  I suppose, I could have done a different design, but part of the soaps appeal is the design so I decide to carry on the design as best I could.

It's funny, because although she gave me the exact fragrance formula, it still only smells like a very good dupe!  I still have a piece of my original bar and it's sooooo close...but just not quite a perfect match.
Regardless, this was so fun to play with and Tiggy was super sweet to let me try♥


  1. That's very cool that she passed the blend along to you. I got a sample piece of the Pirates soap in my first order from Future Primitive so I just went and dug it out to have a sniff after reading this post. :)

    Maybe the scent isn't quite the same because of the actual soap recipe? Regardless, I think you did a fabulous job in recreating the look. (Will you ever sell your version? Did Tiggy give her blessing on that part?)


  2. Yup, I'm pretty sure it's the difference in our actual soap recipes that makes the difference. She doesn't mind if I sell it but it just feels kind of wierd to sell someone else's creation...I'm still on the fence :0) Thanks for reading!

  3. Now that's a pretty good dupe. I could NEVER get that creative with my soap. I'll leave it you professionals:)

  4. Your soap looks fantastic and I'm sure it smells divine ... wishing we had 'smell' computers!

  5. Your soap is beautiful and how lovely that Tiggy gave you the fragrance blend.


  6. Good old Tiggy, that is so nice of her. She is really cool about sharing and has helped me out too in the past. I love the look of your soaps

  7. If the scent was created with an essential oil fragrance oil blend then the essential oil could also be a part of the slight difference in smell. Fragrance oils are made in a lab and thus usually smell the same consistently. Essential oils come from nature. The same essential oil from the same region can smell different from year to year. The plants they come from come from will differ slightly in chemical make-up from season too season because of things like changes in the weather etc. A wonderful book on essential oils and essential oil blending is Essence & Alchemy by Mandy Aftel.



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