Friday, January 11, 2013

On the Curing Rack...Snow White Cold Process Soap

I just did a remake of Snow White, sans the M&P embeds. (embeds aren't my favorite :0))

Last summer I did a contest on YouTube and on Facebook inviting my subscribers to help me create soaps.  They were able to choose scents, colors, designs, etc.  I chose to combine the following  request to create two new soaps: 1. do a theme soap, 2. do a black red and white soap and  3. add some embeds

The result was Snow White & the Huntsman

 Fluffy Almond Marzipan Frosting "poisoned" with hints of delicious Red Apples

A dark and haunting blend of spicy Apples with rustic woodsy notes of Sandalwood, Oak and Cedarwood

So, here are the new bars of Snow White.
I've mentioned this before in several of my older post, but Bramble Berry really is my "go to" for many of my staple fo's.   I purchased an apple blend from another supplier to add to the original batch and I just wasn't happy with it at all.  So I went back to my Bramble Berry apple and the difference is noticeable straight away.
In this particular blend, the apple is not the top note, but it's in the red "apple" portion of the swirls.


  1. All of the soaps you have pictured are gorgeous Kia, but I LOVE the swirls in your newer design. Beautiful!

  2. Your swirls are beautiful. How do you do it? How about a tutorial?



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