Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Purple Rain Handmade Soap

A beautiful blend of Sweet Orange and Lemon with a fresh heart of Lavender on a woodsy base with Orange Blossoms
Once again I pulled out my neon pigments.  I learned my lesson from the color fail on Misehavin.  Can't remember if I mentioned this on a previous post, but I found the key to getting the color to stick is adding just a bit of Violet Ultramarine to the mix

Same with the yellow.  It's been my experience that yellow mica pigments as well as the neons will fade unless you use a whole lot or fix it with a bit of oxide.

Playing around with blending these colors has allowed me to come up with so many bright shades that I've never used before.


  1. Amazing,almost unreal colours,Kia! The soap looks fab! Thanks for sharing your experience regarding micas,I'm sure it will be helpful!

  2. Purple and yellow make a gorgeous color combination. Love those swirls!

  3. Wow, beautiful bold colors...lovely!

  4. Wow, the colors, The swirl - wonderful!

  5. WOW! The colors in this soap are absolutely stunning, they practically glow. =)

    1. I think they actually will glow under the correct lighting, lol



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