Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mini Cupcake Bath Bombs

These cute little cupcakes were in my shop during the holiday season.  They're all sold out now, but I thought I'd share anyway.  The basic recipe came from Ann Marie on Soap Queen TV.   It took many, many failed attempts to finally get the "icing" on these right and I really haven't had the patience to take a day and try it all again.  Maybe I'll make some more in time for Easter.

Almond Macaroon

 Apple Toffee Buttercrunch

Polar Express

 Honey B. Harvest
(HIWTK Dupe)


  1. Hi Kia, I am glad that you got these right, they look amazing.. When I tried them I did not add enough SLS/sugar as the mixture was already pretty hard to work with. But I will try again. Hope you will make some more soon! Big Huggz!!!!

  2. @Rebekka Thanks! Finding the right balance with that sugar is the key. Too little and it all collapses. Too much and it won't pipe! Very frustrating. Good luck with yours :-)

  3. Hi Kia!
    These look fab.
    I have been making these for a while now and don't put the SLS in them. I use the meringue and the cream of tartar and a little water to make the initial paste, then I add the powdered sugar and add a bit of bicarb to the mix so the top fizzes slightly too. They work a treat!
    But yeah..I found you gotta be quick when working with it so the mix pipes ok. Almost broke natalie's arm as I made her do the piping! She moaned and moaned!

  4. @FuturePrimitive LOL! Poor Natalie. I'm going to try the baking soda instead of the SLSa next time. Hopefully things will go smoother. Thanks Tiggy♥

  5. Nice looking cupcake soap! cool!



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