Monday, January 31, 2011

Midnight Rose Soap

Just in time for Valentine's Day! This soap is literally just off the curing rack :-)  I'm not usually the floral, rose scent type of person, but I really, really like this fragrance. 

It's classic Rose sweetened just a bit with juicy Black Currants.

I used Clear MP soap and a cookie cutter for the heart shaped embeds.


  1. All your soaps are so beautiful and so elegant always. I love them.

  2. Wow! Just beautiful and that scent blend sounds fantastic too!

  3. Really beautiful, and scent sounds fantastic too!

  4. Beautiful, feautiful, WoW!!!!!!! and elegant!
    Como verás no se muy bien el ingles, pero me encantan tus jabones, éste en especial me deslumbró. Espero deleitarme con tu excelencia.
    Saludos desde Argentina



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