Friday, May 9, 2014

Seaberry Handmade Soap

Well, I'm all finished making soap for my Summer Release.  I'll be sharing several of them here and, hopefully, will have a few tips and tricks to share along the way.  I always share a bit more about my techniques and "secrets" here on my Blog rather than on Youtube or Facebook.
To me, there is just an extra special something about people willing to dig and READ for information.  That's how I started and I have a deeper level of respect for those willing to do the same.
So, to start off, I'll share:
This design was an ITP swirl.  There are 3 shades of blue down in a white base. 
The goal was to mimic or create a sense of the movement of water.
To create a bit of interest, I decided to add some soap ball embeds.  These were pretty easy to do because they didn't really require too much prep work.  I simply shredded every piece of blue soap scraps and left overs from previous batches that I could find.  They look more like little planets than berries don't they? I like them though :0)
The shreds were pretty sticky therefore easy to mold together and roll into balls.
If your shreds are too dry and don't want to stick together, you can try spritzing them with a bit of water to soften them up.
I like how no two balls are the same and they're filled with so many different shades of blue.
"SEABERRY" is a light watery scent with ozonic marine notes enhanced by the aroma of tropical flowers, citrus and tart berries on a soft mellow base of white musk.

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