Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gearing up for Autumn...

I know summer is still here but for soap-makers, this is around the time that we usually start getting our fall line-ups together.  Before I jump into my fall soap batches, I wanted to share just a few summer soaps that I didn't blog about. 
Scented with Awapuhi Seaberry.  This is a calming, "by the sea" type of scent with ozonic marine notes with the aroma of tropical flowers, citrus and tart berries on a mellow base of white musk.
I used three different shades of blue swirled into a white base.  The soap balls were made with shredded soap from every soap scrap I could find in varying shades of blue.  I really like how the balls resemble little blue planets
 A fresh and uplifting blend of Orange Zest, Lemon Pulp and Kiwi with a center of Bamboo & Blackcurrant on a warm woodsy base

I really don't know what this technique is called, but for a point of reference, I refer to it as a "traveling faux funnel" pour.  It's just like the faux funnel pour put I choose a different spot to pour every few passes.
One more,  I have to show this one because I just really, really like the scent! 
 Fresh sliced Pineapple beautifully blended with the heady and intoxicating aroma of Jasmine

I honestly can't even talk about the swirling technique for this one, LOL.  For once, I didn't really plan the soap design.  I chose the colors and just sort of dropped them in.  What I have been doing though is playing around with color mixing.  I tend to use the same colors over and over again in my soaps, so I am trying to at least come up with different shades for those colors.  I though this combination was pretty, fun and tropical.
Now, I'm looking forward to fall.  I'll be back to share my creations as I finish them.  Thanks for reading :0)


  1. What wonderful soaps. Each soap has a unique charm.
    I like them all.
    I love and admire your soaps and I'm a fan of yours.

  2. Me too, am a fan! :) I love your swirls, the names you come up with, and your color mastery! :)

  3. And I'm just another fan of your fantastic swirled and coloured soaps. Everyone is a unique piece of art.
    Waiting for your upcoming fall soaps!
    Greetings Sabine

    1. Thank you Sabine!! I'm working on through the fall collection but still have lots more to do, lol.



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