Friday, May 1, 2015

"LOLA" Handmade Soap - ITP Swirl

Back in March ( I think)  Petals launched her Spring Release.  This was a very fun release to prepare for because I was working with several new fragrances.  I was extra fun, because my mom was here  in the states for a visit at the time and we sat together for hours planning designs and color schemes.  I love it when she visits...sigh.
A sassy and flirty fruity blend of summer Berries, Orange Zest and Sparkling Pink Moscato 
To start, I went with a bubble gum pink base.  Then added a gold mica line.  For the center portion, I did an ITP (in-the-pot) Swirl.  I used a soft green base with more of the pink and a touch of yellow.
I do my ITP swirls in the opposite direction of most soap-makers.  A classmate asked me back in the 7th grade "Why do you always have to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing?"  I couldn't answer that question then and still can't answer it now, LOL! 
I've always sort of just done things my own way - it just happens to be opposite of everyone else, ha, ha.  No point in changing that now ;0)
In this case, I simply like the wave-like patterns created when the pour is horizontal better.
The top has the remaining pink batter, textured with some iridescent glitter. 



  1. Love your fruit blend soap. It is so beautiful and luscious for this season =)

  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous soap, Kia! I love those bright colors!



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