Monday, July 12, 2010

Soap (name still unknown) Unmolded

This was my first time using Dead Sea Salt in my soap making process. Dead Sea Salt is known to be great for the skin but it is a killer of bubbles when it comes to making bar soap. So, I chose to use Coconut Oil as the first of my oil ingredients because of it's bubble making properties. Unfortunately, it can also be drying when used in higher quantities. To offset that, I superfatted by 10% and added Lanolin & Goat's Milk to the recipe. The salt caused the bars to get hard really fast so I was able to unmold within a few hours of pouring. Which was a really good thing for me since I'm so impatient.  At any rate, I have dry skin and eczema, so I'll be my own guinea pig this time. My family can take a break, lol. If my skin can handle it, then: Mission Accomplished!


  1. The colors remind me of the Green Sand Beach on the big island of Hawaii. Beautiful! Sounds like a great recipe.

  2. Oooh, I like that. I just googled Green Sand Beach and it's gorgeous!! I think I have my name now, lol. Thanks Anne-Marie :D



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