Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monkey Farts Soap

I've seen this scent floating around the web for awhile, but to be honest, the name really turned me off.  Finally, I decided to purchase a bottle and give it a whirl.  Boy was I surprised!! 

Despite the name, this fragrance smells absolutely delicious.  It's a fun, fruity combination of everything that monkey's love: bananas, pineapples, cherries, watermelon, grapes and much more. 


  1. Un jabón frutal, el rosa muy intenso, un jabón sensacional.

  2. What fun colors for such a fun scent! Love it! I'm glad you overcame the silly name and went for it :)

  3. It's totally fabulous! I love the pink swirl and also how the pink is dolloped on top. Super nice!

  4. Your soap is beautiful! I went back for months. I truly love your toppings :)



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