Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Water Nymph Soap...saved from disaster

This batch of soap gave me the honor of experiencing my very first seize.  After adding the fragrance oil directly to the soap mixture, (although the manufacturer recommended diluting in oil first),  I poured a portion into two jars for the colored portion then began pouring into the mold.  The mixture actually firmed up on me mid pour!! 

 I quickly began spooning the remaining batter into the mold then clumped the colored blue portions on top.  I was determined to get some sort of swirl in there, so I forced the spatula in to the mix and pulled everything around a bit, then banged the heck out of it onto the counter.  The top actually reminded me of the rustic look that Hot Process soap has.  I decided to cover that with some iridescent glitter.  It's a good thing that I tend to soap at cooler temps or this would have wound up being HPed 

"Water Nymph" has a fresh aquatic scent.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your first seize (ha ha). The soap turned out fantastic- No one would ever know how much trouble it was to make! Great save!



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