Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sliced Cider Barrel Saop

Not too bad for my first time.  The base of the soap was originally suppose to be red (for apples) but I guess the Brown Sugar fragrance oil must have had some vanilla in it because it's turning dark.  I think it still works though.  This is suppose to smell like apple cider with a little twist.  I was serious when I said that I had to keep the kids away.  I just caught one trying to lick it, lol.  I don't think I've had a soap of mine smell this realistic and edible before.  It really, really, really smells good.  Did I emphasize that enough? It really smells good!!

I'm not sure if the picture shows all of the detail, but there is a thin line between the colors made with Mocha mica and I've also sprinkles some on top.


  1. well, say I nevertheless, looks beautiful!
    loves greetings Dörte

  2. This looks fantastic the colours are great Love it!!!!!

  3. Wou, it´s fantastic, I love it

  4. amazing kia.... really looks so interesting... thanks for dropin at my page... tnx for naming the fruit... plumb can be..:-). Taste really good... my husband buy another box haha..

  5. Hello Kia, your soap is really beautiful, and I thank you for your comments on my blog.



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