Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold Process Soap Sieze & Save

This soap is scented with Mardi Gras, a yummy fruity fragrance that I purchased form the Sage.  For the most part, their FO's are pretty reliable in CP soap, but this one went very wrong really fast.  Although, I must say that it's most likely my own fault.  I broke too many soapmaking rules using a fragrance that is new to me. I discounted the water (a definite "no no" when using an untried FO), soaped at a warmer temp (for me) than usual, used quite a bit of Jojoba Oil (which  I once read can increase acceleration) and the list goes on.  First, the batter started to rice.  So, I used the stick blender to smooth that out.  This took it to a med-heavy trace.  Then I separated it out for the colors (which were mixed in more Jojoba Oil), stirred some more and by the time I was ready to pour, it was completely unpourable.

I won't say that the soap turned into a brick on my spoon, but I couldn't stir it anymore and had to spoon, bang!, bang!, spoon, bang!, smoosh, BANG! it into the mold.  I coun't use a chopstick or skewer as it was too thick.  So, the colors were dragged through for a semi-swirl with a small spatula.  I don't normally insulate, but I grabbed not one but two towels for this to make sure that everthing meshed together.

It's really a miracle that this batch turned out as well as it did.  One side was suppose to be purple and the other side green with a gold swirl down the center. 


  1. Now that is one totally cool save I love it :0)

  2. I love this, it looks fantastic! your soaps are so beautiful!

  3. Hello!

    Such beautiful colors ... they place the spring in our bathrooms!
    Heavy lily, tulip and fresh grass

    Best regards Sabine



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