Friday, January 21, 2011

Love's Spell Cold Process Soap

UPDATE 3/6/13: Hi guys! Thanks so much for stopping through.  I've seen some questions in the forums regarding this particular soap.  It's not an ITP swirl.  I "dropped" the dark purple and white colors in intervals at different levels as I poured the lavender base,  Then, pulled a skewer through at the very end to do the swirling :0) ~Kia

I first came across this fragrance back in 2002.  Everywhere we went, I would catch a whiff of it and literally chase down the scent.   It drove Brandon crazy.  He said I looked like a hound dog sniffing through the mall (convention center, park, grocery store, you name it) trying to track down the person with this scent. 

Finally, I did manage to catch someone and she pointed me to Victoria's Secret and this lovely fragrance called Love Spell.  It became my signature scent months.  Since I don't use over the counter soaps and shower gels anymore, it's nice to have finally captured this fragrance in something that I can bathe with.


  1. I have never smelled that scent..can you describe it a bit for me? Lovely looking soap, btw

  2. Precioso jabon, me encantan tus jabones, enhorabuena..todos muy bonitos... este último me ha encantado.

    Barcelona Spain

  3. @Cocobong the description is: Top notes of peach, mango, strawberry, and mandarin flow into a complex middle of apple blossom, rose, tamarind, and coconut milk. The fragrance is completed with smooth notes of musk, vanilla, and precious woods.

    @Carmen Gracias!

  4. I love Lovespell =) Great purple tones, super cute.

  5. Oh this is dreamy gorgeous soap love the colours, yet another beautiful creation

  6. I had a lady special-order soap from me in this fragrance. Boy, mine was NO WHERE NEAR so lovely as yours!! Your color result and swirls are amazing! :)

  7. I like this soap and I like this fragrance.

  8. I never heard it a
    love spell
    soap but after read this blog its amazing soap. I am glad to read .



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