Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monkey Farts Gets a Makeover

I really wasn't that happy with the way my first batch of Monkey Farts turned out, so I decided to give it another go. Initially it was still going to be yellow but I wanted to improve the red swirl. The red swirl turned pink and then lost it's sharpness and sort of started to blend into the yellow. I used mica and oxides this time, so the colors will stay put and I'll be happy :0)

I found these really cute stickers to decorate the package for the soap  as well as the matching Bubble Bars.


  1. It looks really cool. I love the colors and the swirls.

  2. Beautiful color & swirling -and that monkey is a hoot!

  3. Amazing, that is beautiful! And i love the little monkey

  4. These are really beautiful. And I love banana scents. And you know what? I have never smelled Monkey Farts. Is it wonderful??

  5. Thanks ladies :-)

    @Joanna, I think the scent is great! It's like Banana Laffy Taffy with cherry and other fruity notes. But then again, I'm biased...I LOVE banana flavored/scented anything!!



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