Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rock Starr has a new look

I'm back :-)  Happy new Year to everyone.  It was a crazy and busy 2 months for me closing out 2010. Which was awesome because that meant SALES!  Now that things have slowed back down, I can get back into the groove of things.  Starting off, I'll share my newest batch of Rock Starr which is a dupe for LUSH's Rock Star fragrance.

This scent wasn't a favorite of mine when I first made it (still isn't) but it's grown on me. 
My thing right now is all about trying to get cool swirls in a loaf soap without doing the in pot swirl.


  1. Oh I love the Rock Star dupe. I've never been able to get the hang of in the pot swirls but can do the regular swirling in a flat mold fine. Your soap looks fantastic. I've tried Lush's Rock Star before and I like the scent but there is a backlash note in the Lush version I don't like. Your dupe sounds fantastic and the swirls are wonderful.

  2. hach, sieht das schöööön aus! Ein toller Wirbel mit fantastischer Farbe.

    lebe Grüße

  3. it looks beautiful. the colours are elegant and the swirl is super pretty. cant wait for my order! xx

  4. Wow! I LOVE this soap!

  5. This white/purple swirl is really inspiring! Have to try it myself;)
    The rockstar fragrance isn't my cup of tea really but I know many people who adore it...
    Love your soap!


  6. Danke Dörte! and Thanks Lilli :D

    @FuturePrimitive Thanks Tiggy. I hope that it doesn't take too long getting you...customs (shakes head)

    @Hellcat Most of the LUSH fragrances aren't my cup of tea, lol. If I had to pick any they would be HIWTK (give me a good OMH over that any day though)and Alkmaar (and I'll take Rice Flower & Shea or Twilight Woods over that!!) They are very popular though...



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