Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rice Flower & Shea Soap...New Name, New Look

This wonderful fragrance oil comes from Bramble Berry.  It's one of my favorite "grown up" scents right now. Twilight Woods is the other. I really like all the sweet, edible type fragrances.  But, when I'm looking for something feminine but not all florally and perfumey, this is my go to. 

The original is never in stock when I go to B&BW, so I haven't had the opportunity to smell it yet.  However, the response from my customers has been awesome.  From what they tell me, this version is waaay better than the original which they don't like at all.  SO, with that in mind, I've decided to give the soap and new look and to change the name. 

It's inspired by Rice Flower & Shea but apparently (to everyone's pleasure) not an exact dupe.   I was thinking of something like 24 K Gold or Midas Touch, but I don't think those are soft enough for such a beautiful fragrance.  For now the new name is Golden Blossom.  We'll see how well that goes over.


  1. Hey Stranger!

    Love the gold finish...very luxe:D

  2. Thanks Patrice! I've been neglecting the blog world for awhile...but I'm back :0)

  3. El jabón es precioso y el olor con ese nombre debe de ser una maravilla.


  4. really really pretty. I think Golden Blossom is a lovely summery name. x



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